CCA Logo Designing Contest Result (夏洛特中文学校校徽揭晓)

We are glad to announce that the top 3 winners of CCA Logo Design Contest have been collaboratively selected by the school administrative committee and Mr. Austin Lu through a voting process. We have also hired a professional designer to use selected elements of these winning designs along with Mr. Lu’s ideas to create an official CCA Logo as attached below.

CCA Official Logo

Please join us in congratulating these winners! On behalf of the CCA community, we truly thank you all for participating and supporting this contest. Both winner awards and participation awards will be given on 5/21 during the school year-end ceremony.
Also, we’d like to take this opportunity to clarify that: (a) the official name of the school is Charlotte Chinese Academy (夏洛特中文学校); and (b) the school was founded on 8/27/1996.
No. 1 Winner
唐伊灵 (Elaine Tang) – CCA Class 9

CCA Logo Design, 1st Prize

No. 2 Winner
黄嘉琪 (JiaQi Sharon Huang) – CCA Class 3A & Art Talent Class

CCA Logo Design, 2nd Prize

No. 3 Winner
邵越非 (Jeffrey Shao) – CCA Class AP