HSK Information Session (HSK介绍会)

CCA is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting for introduction of HSK (official website: http://www.chinesetest.cn/ChangeLan.do?languge=en&t=1503801742228).
Meeting Date: August 27, 2017
Meeting Time: 8:30PM
How to join:

  1. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/282977415
  2. Call In:  Dial In Number +16465687788 (US Toll), Meeting ID 282977415# or Dial In Number +14157629988(US Toll), Meeting ID 282977415#
  3. International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=109pAumGfC-UscTnvHkxF8nXL-7Blrke

中文学校真诚的邀请您参加HSK介绍会(HSK官方网站: http://www.chinesetest.cn/ChangeLan.do?languge=zh_CN&t=1503802354633).
介绍会日期: 2017年八月27日
介绍会时间: 晚上8:30PM

  1. 通过电脑或平板上网: https://zoom.us/j/282977415
  2. 电话:  电话号码+16465687788 (US Toll), 输入会议 ID 282977415# or 号码 +14157629988(US Toll), 输入会议 ID 282977415#
  3. 国际接通号码: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=109pAumGfC-UscTnvHkxF8nXL-7Blrke