CCA 2018-2019 Registration(注册开放)

CCA website is now open to accept 2018 – 2019 registration. Please note the following timeline, fee schedule, and then follow the instructions to complete your Chinese language class registration process. For talent classes, please refer to the information on the language class registration form. Talent classes are subject to cancellation if not enough enrollment. CCA现在开放2018-2019学年注册。请按照下面的时间、收费和步骤完成中文语言课的注册。才艺课的信息在系统登录后的注册表里。注意:才艺课根据报名和老师情况可能会有调整,届时会有通知。

 Registration Phase Start Date开始日期 Cutoff Date截止日期 Donation捐款 Registration Fee注册费 iChineseReader Total总费用 Earliest Starting Semester
Fall 2018 Early Registration (for Fall and Spring)秋季提前注册(全年) 04/15/2018 05/13/2018 $290 $20 $20 $330 Fall 2018
Fall 2018 Regular Registration(for Fall and Spring)秋季正常注册(全年) 05/14/2018 08/26/2018 $320 $20 $20 $360 Fall 2018
Spring 2019 Registration春季注册 08/27/2018 12/03/2018 $160 $20 $20 $200 Spring 2019

·         All registration forms need to be filled online ( ). To fully complete the registration process, please print the registration form, sign the form and submit to CCA along with donation, registration fee and iChineseReader fee (cash or check only). 所有注册在网上完成 ( )。完整的注册包括打印并签名注册表,将注册表和捐款、注册费和iChineseReader费提交到中文学校(只接受现金或支票)。

·         Registration fee and iChineseReader fee are non-refundable. 注册费和iChineseReader费是不退还的。

·         The cutoff dates are dates by which the registration has to be fully completed. 截至日期是指所有注册步骤完成。