CCA 2019-2020 Spring Registration

Registration Phase Start Date Cutoff Date Withdrawal Deadline Donation Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) iChineseReader +Book(Non-Refundable) Total Earliest Starting Semester
Spring 2020 Registration TBA 11/30/2019 1/12/2020 $170 $20 $45$235Spring 2020
Talent Class (Spring 2020) TBA 11/30/2019 1/12/2020 $100$50NA$150Spring 2020

Note: Talent class depends on availability. Notice email will be sent out if there is spot available for talent class.

(A). If you are new to CCA, you need to create an account in CCA registration website (
(B). If you have an account with CCA before, please use your existing account (email) and your phone number in the system to reset a new password. If you do not have a phone number in the system, please use 9999999999. If you have any trouble to reset the password or login, please let us know ( Please DO NOT create a new account if you have an account with CCA before. Otherwise, it will cause significantly delay on registration and class assignment.
(C). Follow the instruction below to complete registration and payment.
(D). 如果您是第一次注册CCA,请在注册网站上创建新用户并填写详细信息
(E). 如果您之前在CCA注册过,请使用您之前的用户名和电话重置您的登录密码。如果您之前没有在系统里填写电话,请使用9999999999。如果您在登录或重置密码是遇到任何问题,请和我们联系 (请千万不要创建新的账户。这样会严重影响您的注册和分班。谢谢。
(F). 按照下面步骤完成网上付款和注册。

  1. All registration forms need to be filled online (TBA). All donation, registration fee, book fee and IChinesereader fee can be paid online through PayPal account or credit card. 所有注册在网上完成 (TBA )。注册、捐款、注册费、书本费和iChineseReader费都在网上完成,您可以选择PayPal或信用卡付款。
  2. Registration fee, book fee and IChineseReader fee are non-refundable. 注册费,书本费和IChineseReader费是不退还的。
  3. The cutoff dates are dates by which the registration has to be fully completed. 截至日期是指所有注册步骤完成。
  4. All new students need to follow New Student Admission Guideline. 所有新生需要按照新生报名流程进行