Talent Classes

CCA currently provides the following talent Classes for 2019-2020. Please follow below steps to enroll a talent classes. 夏洛特中文学校2019-2020学年将提供下列才艺课,请按照如下步骤完成才艺课注册。

ClassClass RoomTimeDescription课程介绍FlyerMin/Max Students
Art 绘画FA – 1019:00 AM– 9:50 AM Art SyllabusArt Flyer10/20
Art 2 绘画 FA – 105 9:00 AM– 9:50 AM Art 2 SyllabusArt2 Flyer10/20
Kung Fu功夫Mini Gym9:00 AM – 9:50 AMKung Fu SyllabusKung Fu Flyer10/20
Chess国际象棋FA – 10512:00 PM – 12:50 PMChess SyllabusChess Flyer10/20
Chinese Dance (Lower Level )中国舞蹈Mini Gym12:00 PM – 12:50 PMDance SyllabusDance Flyer10/20
Chinese Dance (Upper Level)中国舞蹈 Bonus Room 9:00 AM– 9:50 AM Dance Syllabus Dance Syllabus 10/20
Math Olympiad 奥数 FA 101 12:00 PM – 12:50 PMMath SyllabusMath Flyer10/20

To be admitted to a talent class, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. The student must be registered in CCA Chinese Language Class in order to be eligible for the enrollment of Talent Class
  2. Send an email to talentclass@charlottechineseacademy.org with subject line “Class_Name, CCA_ID”. Class_Name must be one of the following: Art, Kungfu, Chess, Dance, Math. For example, if the student CCA_ID is 1073 and would like to register the Kungfu class, you should send an email with subject line “Kungfu, 1073” to talentclass@charlottechineseacademy.org. CCA_ID can be found on your Language Class registration form. Application with incorrect format of registration email will not be accepted. Duplicate registration requests may result in delay, incorrect class placement or application rejection
  3. Due to limited space, the recipient of registration request and payment DOES NOT guarantee final enrollment. There will be waiting list once each talent class limit is reached. Class roster will be announced before 8/1/2019
  4. All talent classes are subject to cancellation or change due to uncontrollable event, including but not limited to low enrollment rate, teacher availability, facility constraints, etc.
  5. We only accept onsite check payment for Talent classes. Check payment should be separated from the Chinese language class. Please write CCA_ID and Class_Name on the check. No mail-in application will be accepted.
  6. Registration for talent class is NOT COMPLETE until both the registration email and the payment are received by CCA.
  7. CCA reserves the right to interpret, modify and amend this document at any time without prior notice.


  1. 您必须先注册夏洛特中文学校中文课才能注册才艺课。
  2. 发送邮件至 talentclass@charlottechineseacademy.org ,Email 标题注明才艺课名和CCA ID。才艺课名有: Art, Kungfu, Chess, Dance, Math。例如:学生CCA ID是1073,申请注册Kungfu课,邮件标题就是“Kungfu, 1073”。CCA ID可以在注册表上找到。请必须按照规定的邮件标题格式发邮件。不正确的邮件标题将不会作为课程申请处理。重复注册申请邮件将会导致申请推迟、课程安排或拒绝。
  3. 由于才艺课程人数限制,申请和付款将不保证最终的录取。超过人数限制的申请将被放在waiting list上。才艺班课程的学生名单将于8/1/2019公布。
  4. 所有的才艺班都有可能因为不可抗拒因素而取消,如低于10人的最低开班标准、老师个人因素或场地问题等等。
  5. 所有才艺班报名只接受现场支票支付(不接受邮件或现金支付),请在支票上注明学生CCA ID,姓名和申请才艺班课名。
  6. 完整的才艺班申请包括发送正确的邮件和现场支票支付。
  7. CCA保留一切解释、修改和增加条款的权力而不提前通知。