Student Rule

Student Rules 学生守则
(English / Chinese Version)

In order to maintain high ethical standards and to create a productive and safe learning environment, the following student rules must be observed by the students and parents/guardians and will be strictly enforced by teachers and school officials. All perspective students and their parents/guardians will be required to understand and sign the following consent agreement at registration.

为了维持良好的道德标准并创造一个利于学习的安全环境,学生和家长/监护人必须遵守以下规则,并将由教师和学校教务人员严格执行。 所有学生及其父母/监护人将需要在注册时了解并签署以下同意协议。


  1. Arrive on time (Students will not be allowed to enter the classroom until the next session if late for class more than
    15 minutes). Follow the class rules. 按时上课 ( 凡迟到超过 15 分钟的学生要等到第二节课才可以进去 ) 遵守课堂纪律
  2. Bring all required books and stationery to class. 带好上课所需课本和文具
  3. Pay attention during class discussion. Raise your hand for permission to speak. 上课认真听讲,举手发言 .
  4. Obey teachers, school officials and their volunteer helpers. 尊重师长,在校听从他们指导 .
  5. Care for the public property. 爱护公物 .
  6. Clean up trash before leaving. 课后把教室整理干净再离开 .
  7. Study Chinese at home and finish homework on time. 课后认真学习中文,按时完成作业 .


  1. Disrupt class. 扰乱课堂秩序
  2. Cheat on homework, quizzes and/or examinations 作业 或 考试作弊
  3. Move, or damage sc hool property 搬动或损坏任何设备
  4. Eat or drink inside the building (only water is allowed) 教学楼里严禁吃东西和喝饮料 ( 可以喝清水 )
  5. Marking on furniture, wall, floor, and fixtures . 在桌椅面,墙面,地面乱画乱写
  6. Run, chase, climb anywhere other than in playground area, damage flowers and lawns , and plants. 奔跑或打闹或攀爬 , 损害花草。
  7. Shout, push, fight and/or throw on school property 大声喧哗 或推打 , 乱扔东西。
  8. Wear wheely shoes (shoes with wheels) to school 穿 带轮子的鞋 到校
  9. Use elevator or emergency exit under normal circumstances 使用电梯或紧急出口
  10. Possess/use dangerous articles or toys irrelevant to school programs 携带或使用危险物品或不相关的玩具到校
  11. Use others properties without permission. 不经同意使用他人物品
  12. False fire alarm . 谎报火警
  13. Playing ball in and around flower and lawn areas or any other type of physical activity where students walk. (Playing ball is only allowed on the soccer/la cross field adjacent to the West Wing Building ). 在足球场或人行道上玩球。

  14. Each violation to the DO NOT Behaviors will result in a formal warning from the school. After giving two warnings to an
    individual student, the school reserves the right to fine, suspend, or expel the student from the school without refund of
    违反此守则的学生,学校将给予警告。累计两次警告者,学校将给予罚款, 停课 ,劝退,直至开除的处分。
I fully understand and am willing to honor above student rules.
I fully understand and have explained the student rules to the above student. I agree to assure
above student to honor these rules.

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