CCA 2017-2018 Registration – 2017-2018学年注册通知

CCA registration website is open to public from May 4th noon time to May 21st noon time to accept early registration. In order to qualify for discounted rate, please take advantage of this window of opportunity to register early and send in all required documents and donation on time. Here below is the registration instruction. Please use your registered email in CCA web and make sure you follow the instructions in that message to complete your registration.

Registration Instruction

Note that registration is NOT COMPLETE until BOTH signed form and donation are received by CCA.

  1. Visit registration page and use your existing account to log in or retrieve your password. Please don’t use multiple emails to register and create duplicate accounts.
  2. Read, understand and acknowledge the CCA Rules. Should you have any questions, please contact us.
  3. Follow the instructions carefully to complete the Chinese language class registration:
  • Print and sign the registration form.
  • Send in the signed form along with your donation to the following address; or bring them to CCA front desk on 5/7, 5/14 or 5/21. Do NOT send cash in mails. Check Payable to: CCA; Write down student name(s) and CCA ID on the check to avoid any potential delay or mismatch; Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 78314, Charlotte, North Carolina 28271
  • Please send a notification email with your student ID (CCA ID) to [email protected] once you mail the registration and donation.
  • CCA is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen mails.
  1. Early Registration Date and Donation: Online registration open date 5/4/2017, close date 5/21/2017. Donation must be received before 6/30/2017 in order to qualify for the discounted rate at $290/year for Chinese language class and $170/year for talent class.
  2. Regular Registration Date and Donation: Online registration open date 7/1/2017, close date 9/17/2017. Donation must be received by 10/1/2017. Regular rates are applied at $320/year for Chinese language class and $190/year for talent class.
  3. There are additional instructions on how to register talent class and K special class:

For Kindergarten students applying for the special K class offered in 2017

For talent class registration

For requesting to change class






  1. 访问注册网页 , 用已经使用过的信箱登录。如忘记密码请恢复密码,避免使用其它邮件重复注册。
  2. 阅读、理解并同意学校守则。如有任何问题请与我们联系。
  3. 根据提示信息完成核心语言课程注册:
  • 打印注册表并签字。
  • 按照规定数额将捐款寄到如下地址,或在5/7,5/14和5/21日交到学校前台。请勿邮寄现金。
  • 支票收款人: CCA; 在支票上注明学生姓名和学生号 CCA ID以避免延误注册或错误注册
  • 支票邮寄地址:P.O. Box 78314, Charlotte, North Carolina 28271
  • 信件寄出后请发一封提醒邮件到[email protected], 并在邮件中写明学生ID (CCA)。
  • 夏洛特中文学校无法对邮寄过程中丢失的信件负责。
  1. 提前注册日期和捐款金额: 注册网站于2017年5月4日开放,5月21日关闭。2017年6月30前注册并收到捐款的申请享受如下折扣价:语言班 $290/年,才艺班 $170/年。
  2. 正常注册日期和捐款金额:注册网站于2017年7月1日开放,9月17日关闭。捐款需在10月1日前收到:语言班 $320/年,才艺班 $190/年。
  3. 才艺班和学前国内教材班的注册办法在打印页有详细说明。




CCA Logo Designing Contest Result (夏洛特中文学校校徽揭晓)

We are glad to announce that the top 3 winners of CCA Logo Design Contest have been collaboratively selected by the school administrative committee and Mr. Austin Lu through a voting process. We have also hired a professional designer to use selected elements of these winning designs along with Mr. Lu’s ideas to create an official CCA Logo as attached below.

CCA Official Logo

Please join us in congratulating these winners! On behalf of the CCA community, we truly thank you all for participating and supporting this contest. Both winner awards and participation awards will be given on 5/21 during the school year-end ceremony.
Also, we’d like to take this opportunity to clarify that: (a) the official name of the school is Charlotte Chinese Academy (夏洛特中文学校); and (b) the school was founded on 8/27/1996.
No. 1 Winner
唐伊灵 (Elaine Tang) – CCA Class 9

CCA Logo Design, 1st Prize

No. 2 Winner
黄嘉琪 (JiaQi Sharon Huang) – CCA Class 3A & Art Talent Class

CCA Logo Design, 2nd Prize

No. 3 Winner
邵越非 (Jeffrey Shao) – CCA Class AP

中文学校迎春节活动-CCA Chinese Spring Festival Party

夏洛特中文学校迎新春表演聚餐活动定于02/12/2017。 届时会有中文学校的学生表演和午餐提供。欢迎各位同学及家长参加。精彩瞬间

The Charlotte Chinese Academy (CCA) will hold a Chinese Spring Festival party on 02/12/2017. All CCA students and significant others are welcome. There will be shows by CCA students. Lunch will be provided.  2017 Chinese New Year gallery


10:ooAM-11:30AM Normal Class 正常课时

11:30AM-1:15PM Lunch 午餐 at PDS Cafeteria (Authentic Chinese Food and Pizza)

1:25PM-4:00PM Performance 学生表演

Logo Design Contest/校标征集

夏洛特中文学校(Charlotte Chinese Academy)即将在2017年迎来建校20周年庆。谨此向公众开展校标(Logo)征集活动。具体规则如下。如有任何问题请联系[email protected].
1. 校标竞赛面向公众
2. 参选作品不限格式,手工绘制和电脑制作皆可
3. 校标设计在风格、理念、及创意方面应符合以下要求

  • 含有中华文化元素
  • 色彩不超过4种颜色
  • 内容简洁明了
  • 不能包括具有版权的图案及文字

4. 提交的作品除校标以外,还应附有简短创意说明
5. 所有参选作品及说明应在2017年1月15日前提交吕户城老师 (电话:704-618-8181, Email:[email protected] )
6. 所有提交的作品所有权及版权归夏洛特中文学校所有
7. 吕户城老师连同校委会对参赛作品做出评选,在2017年1月20日前评审出一、二、三等奖并给予获奖者物质奖励
8. 评奖结果及获奖作品会在学校网站上公布,一等奖作品将作为夏洛特中文学校的正式校标
9. 夏洛特中文学校保留一切参赛以及评选过程的解释权

As part of the activities to celebrate 20-year history of Charlotte Chinese Academy (CCA), we would like to invite the general public to participate in our School Logo Design Contest. Please refer to the following rules and direct your questions/suggestions to [email protected]
1. This contest is for the general public
2. Either hand-painted or computer-generated logos are acceptable
3. The design should meet the following requirements:

  • Promoting Chinese Culture
  • No more than 4 colors
  • Be simple, dynamic and contemporary
  • Cannot contain copyrighted materials

4. In addition to the designed logo, please submit a concise paragraph explaining the idea of your design
5. All submission need to be received by Mr. Austin Lv by 1/15/2017. Phone: 704-618-8181, Email: [email protected]
6. You agree that all ownership rights, including intellectual property rights and copy rights to the logo are assigned to Charlotte Chinese Academy upon your submission.
7. Mr. Austin L and the school administrative committee will review and evaluate all designs by 1/20/2017. Top 3 winners will be given prizes.
8. Contest results will be published on the CCA website, and the selected No. 1 design winner will be used as the CCA logo
9. CCA reserves all the rights related to this contest