About Us/学校介绍

夏洛特中文学校是一所在北卡州正式往册的非营利教育组织。 其宗旨是弘扬中国文化, 服务于社区, 通过教授汉语拼音和简体字, 促进学生、家长们之间的交流和友谊。

Charlotte Chinese Academy (CCA) is a non-profit organization registered in the State of North Carolina. Our school offers various classes about the simplified Chinese and Pinyin with standard Chinese textbooks, which have been written by well-known and experienced Chinese educators, for students overseas. We aim to teach, share, and expand the Chinese culture in the Grand Charlotte area.

夏洛特中文学校坐落在北卡州夏洛特市Providence Day School校园内。中文语言课上课时间是周日的上午9:00AM到11:00AM。才艺课上课时间是周日11:00AM到12:00PM或者12:00PM-1:00PM。上课地址:5800 Sardis Road Charlotte NC 28270。

CCA is located in Providence Day School, Charlotte NC. The Chinese Language Classes are 9:00AM – 11:00AM Sunday. The talent classes are 11:00AM – 12:00PM or 12:00PM – 1:00PM. The address: 5800 Sardis Road Charlotte NC 28270.