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Charlotte Chinese Academy

P.O. Box 78314

Charlotte, NC 28271

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About the Mail Group:
This is the mail group for members of the Charlotte Chinese Academy, to better serve our students and families for communication, education and organization of activities. You can post ideas, suggestions or news to this group for the benefits of the school and it’s members. No commercial or advertisement in the message and please keep the email clean and positive. 夏洛特中文学校邮件群是学校群发通知和新闻的主要方式,请各位家长或对中文学校关注人士务必加入。谢谢

How to Join?(如何加入)

Please send a blank email to [email protected]

发送空白邮件到 [email protected]


Please send a blank email to [email protected]

发送空白邮件到 [email protected]

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