Being a non-profit organization, CCA is in the midst of an exciting time. Our school enrollment proudly continues at a record-breaking pace. We are grateful to all those who make this possible.

Your donations support this great school. Our school relies on and is thankful for the support of many individuals who care about educating and sharing our culture among the next generations as well as in the local communities.

Many companies offer cash donation to CCA through employee’s volunteer hours, such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America etc. The donation instruction can be found at

Donation Instruction

More details please reach out to your employer. All hours for on-duty, helping with Spring Festival, mid-autumn, fall picnic from CCA count for volunteer hours. 

我校是一个非营利组织。 近年来, 我们的注册学生人数不断快速增长。 我们感谢所有支持我们的家庭和朋友。 你们的捐款支持着学校的发展。 我们学校依靠并感谢那些关心下一代中文教育和在本地社区里传播中国文化的人们的支持。

很多公司支持通过volunteer hour 捐赠现金帮助中文学校,比如 Wells Fargo, Bank of America 等。 常见公司捐赠方式点击


具体捐赠信息请与您的公司联系。 如果您在中文学校值班,帮助学校的春节,中秋节,秋游等活动等都可以算volunteer hour。