On-Duty Rules & Check List

On-Duty Check List / 值班家长任务明细表

Please fill up the form and return it by the end of the school day before noon.


  1. 值班家长必须提早10分钟到校,在校委会值班处签到.
  2. 盘查教室里门窗,桌椅,仪器设备,照相备案。
  3. 准备教室(摆桌椅等)。
  4. 上课期间留在教室里协助老师,除非老师不要求值班家长留在教室。
  5. 保持教室黑板, 桌椅 , 地面清洁。
  6. 按照<华夏中文学校学生守则>协助老师维持教室纪律。
  7. 不论在教室内外 , 随时为老师提供帮助 。
  8. 协助老师对生病或受伤的学生采取必要措施 。
  9. 如发生火灾等紧急情况 , 协助老师做好安全疏散工作。
  10. 协助老师记录违纪学生在册。
  11. 不在上课时与其他家长聊天。
  12. 如使用手提电脑必须关闭声音。
  13. 课间决不能让任何学生单独留在 教 室。
  14. 课间根据需要在教室 内外 维持秩序。
  15. 课后整理 教室 , 将桌椅放回原样 , 清理垃圾桶 。
  16. 按照 < 家长教室值班检查项目 > 检查 , 签名后交 给 校委会 。
  17. 才艺班值班家长上课前必须检查中文班结束后的卫生情况 , 如不 符合要求, 应立即告知校委会 , 否则 ,才艺班值班家长将负责最后的卫生工作。
  18. 不愿或不能参加值班的家庭 , 可在注册时交费 $100 美元 / 次 。
  19. 值班家长如迟到将被处以每 5 分钟 10 美元的罚款 ( 最多 100 美元 / 次 ) 。
  20. 值班家长任何违反规定的行为, 让学生单独留在教室, 不能及时帮助老师 , 课后不打扫卫生 , 教室内卫生情况不能通过检查等 , 将被罚款 100 美元 / 次 。
  21. 所有罚款必须在罚款之后30天内交齐 。逾期30天者追加50美元迟交费。账户逾期60天将导致停课或退学。
  22. CCA对此守则拥有解释,修改,补充的权利而无需事先通知

 Parent/Guardian On Duty Policy

  1. Arrive 10 minutes earlier, sign in with the On Duty Board Member.
  2. Check the classroom for existing condition of desks, chairs, windows and other equipment. Take pictures of classroom existing condition.
  3. Prepare classroom (arrange desks and chairs before class begins).
  4. Stay inside the class thoroughout the class sessions, unless otherwise instructed by class teacher.
  5. Keep the classroom clean.
  6. Assist teachers to keep the class in order (according to the CCA Student Rule).
  7. Be available to the teacher at all times during class sessions.
  8. Assist teacher to help students in sickness or injury.
  9. Assist teacher in an emergency.
  10. Record student violations of CCA Student Rule.
  11. No talking with others when class is in session.
  12. Mute laptops and cell phones in classroom.
  13. Do not leave a student alone inside classroom during recess.
  14. Ensure orderly conduct of students during recess inside and outside classrooms.
  15. Clean classroom, put desks and chairs back to their original order after class.
  16. Complete check-out list, sign and return it to On Duty Board Member.
  17. Enrichment class on-duty parent/guardian must inspect the room. If the classroom condition is unacceptable, they must contact the On Duty Board Member immediately and report the situation. Otherwise, the on duty parent/guardian of the enrichment class assumes the final cleaning responsibility of the room when the activity class is over.
  18. Parents/guardians can opt not to perform the parent/guardian on duty tasks by paying $100.00 each time at the registration time.
  19. Classroom on duty parents/guardians or their substitute must be in class by the time the bell rings for class. They will be fined US$10.00 for each five minutes late up to $100.00 per day.
  20. Any violation of this Policy, including but not limited to, leaving students in classroom alone, being unavailable when teacher needs help, not cleaning the room or failing to meet the cleaning standard will result in a $100.00 fine.
  21. Any fine payment has to be made in 30 days after the occurance. $50 late fee will be assessed after 30 days. Account delinquent more than 60 days will result in suspension and/or termination.
  22. CCA reserves the right to interpret, modify and amend these rules at any time without prior notice