Talent Classes

CCA currently provides the following talent classes for 2024-2025. Please follow below steps to enroll a talent class.


ClassClass RoomTimeDescription课程介绍FlyerMin/Max Students
Art 绘画TBD11:00 AM– 11:50 AM Art SyllabusArt Flyer10/20
Kung Fu功夫Mini Gym11:00 AM – 11:50 AMKung Fu SyllabusKung Fu Flyer10/20
Chess国际象棋TBD11:00 PM – 11:50 PMChess SyllabusChess Flyer10/20
Chinese Dance* (Lower Level )中国舞蹈, 小班Mini Gym11:00 PM – 11:50 PMDance SyllabusDance Flyer10/20
Chinese Dance* (Upper Level)中国舞蹈,大班 Bonus Room 11:00 AM– 11:50 AM Dance Syllabus Dance Flyer 10/20
Math Olympiad 奥数 TBD 11:00 AM– 11:50 AM Math SyllabusMath Flyer10/20

Note: * Dance classes have CNY performance outside of CCA 跳舞班有校外表演机会: 1) Dragon boat festival 龙舟节 2) UNCC International Festival UNCC 国际庆祝活动 3) Asia Food Festival 亚洲食品节 4) Marvin School CNY.

Registration procedure:

  1. Go to the registration website (https://reg.charlottechineseacademy.org/), and login same as the language class.到学校注册网站登录,使用中文课注册的用户名和密码登录
  2. Click “Register Course”. 点击注册课程
  3. Select student to register. 选择需要注册的学生
  4. School Year: Choose 2024-2025。学年:选择2024-2024
  5. Semester: Choose Full Year. 学期:选择Full Year
  6. Course Type: Choose Enrichment Courses. 课程类别:选择文娱课程
  7. Click “Register” on the course(s) to register. Each class only have 20 seats available. The registration will be first come first serve. It will show “Sear Available 0” if the class is full. 在课程左边点击注册。才艺课每班限制人数20人,如果已经有20人注册,将显示Seat Available 0, 并且不能点击注册。
  8. Go to “Cart” to make payment. 去购物车付款。
  9. For switching talent class, we ONLY accept change talent class request before the the registration deadline. Please email [email protected] with student name, student ID, current registered class and the new class. 我们在注册结束之前接受才艺课换班申请。请将学生姓名,学生号,目前注册课程和新的课程发至邮箱[email protected] 申请换课。