About PDS

Providence Day School (PDS) mission: We exist to inspire in our students a passion for learning, a commitment to personal integrity, and a sense of social responsibility.

Through an intentional TK-12 global curriculum, Providence Day prepares our students to be empathetic problem solvers and active global citizens.  Our classrooms are places of discovery, where learning about diverse cultures and shared experiences creates connections to a larger humanity.

We teach students to respect others, develop their communication skills, and build their confidence, so they can collaborate and lead in a world that is culturally diverse. Our international network of partner schools allows us to send students and faculty out to the world, and to bring the world back to our school.

At Providence Day School, we are committed to academic excellence across all disciplines.  Our college preparatory Math and Science programs are taught in state-of-the art facilities by dedicated and talented faculty members.  Teachers at Providence Day expect students to reach their full academic potential – to develop the ability to question critically, to learn openly, to listen actively, to think creatively, and to communicate effectively. Advanced and individualized instruction provide students with the knowledge and incentive to excel in a college setting as well as in their chosen careers.

The Upper School course of study features a high-achieving, high-level mathematics program offering classes including Linear Algebra, Calculus 3, and Differential Equations.  The science program is equally challenging and diverse, with advanced classes including STEM Research & Design, Bioethics/Biotechnology, and Engineering Design Challenges. Providence Day enjoys a strong tradition of students receiving numerous awards and honors in math and science, a testament to our rigorous curriculum and teaching excellence.