CCA Volunteer/招募

1. Chinese Language Teacher Opportunities 中文教师招
为帮助学生提高中文语言能力和推广华夏文化,夏洛特中文学校(CCA长期招募中文老师。CCA中文老师的教课任务是每周日上午两个小时。我们为老师提供多种培训机会,包括在线和到中国学习的暑期课程。如感兴趣,请发简历到 [email protected]

2. Talent Class Teacher Opportunities 才艺教师招募

We are looking for teachers for all kinds of extra activities, including but not limited to Art, Music, Chess, Kungfu, Math, Sports. Please contact us [email protected]

3. Volunteer Opportunities 自愿者招募

Charlotte Chinese Academy (CCA) is a non-profit organization.  The success of our school is heavily dependent on our teachers and volunteers. In addition to offering various classes using simplified Chinese and Pinyin, throughout the year, CCA will also hold several events to promote Chinese culture and help more people to learn more about Chinese culture and language.  We can never stop looking for volunteers to run the operation of school and organize cultural activities. We are also looking for youth volunteers, who are 1) ten years or older, 2) interested in volunteering, talented, and have time management 3) interested in Chinese language and culture. Currently, CCA provides the following volunteer opportunities to youths:

  1. Annual Fall Picnic event
  2. Spring Festival event (similar to the Mid-Autumn event)
  3. CCA website enhancement and social media updates
  4. Teaching Assistant

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help CCA, please complete our Volunteer Application form.

CCA volunteer hour claim process

  1. Fill CCA volunteer hour log sheet
  2. Send volunteer hour to one CCA volunteer advisor for review and approval. If you have multiple CCA advisors, just send all hours to one advisor.
  3. If you have volunteer hours outside of CCA, please provide the evidence to CCA advisor
  4. CCA advisor has the responsibility to review and approve/reject.
  5. CCA advisor has the responsibility to send all submitted to CCA for final review and verification


1. All CCA volunteers must submit CCA volunteer hours for review and approval.

2. CCA will not verify /confirm any volunteer hours without receiving and reviewing volunteer hours.

Presidential’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

CCA is a Presidential’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) Certifying Organization. In 2022, CCA has been granted authority to give out the Presidential’s Volunteer Service Awards to our volunteers, and since then, CCA has been awarding our qualified volunteers with the PVSA.  Details of the requirements can be found on the Presidential’s Volunteer Service Award website

As a PVSA Certifying Organization, CCA has the ability to bestow Presidential recognition to our volunteers’ dedication and contributions, by the following levels of awards (based on the hours of volunteering):

Age GroupBronzeSilverGold
Kids (5-10 years old)26-49 hours50-74 hours75+ hours
Teens (11-15)50-74 hours75-99 hours100+ hours
Young Adults (16-25)100-174 hours175-249 hours250+ hours
Adults (26+)100-249 hours250-499 hours500+ hours
*Taken from Offical Presidential’s Volunteer Service Award Website

PVSA Eligibility:

  • United States citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States (i.e., green card holder)
  • and complete eligible service within a 12-month period 

CCA Eligibility, statisfyin one of the following criteria:

  1. At least half of the volunteering hours are supported CCA activities, if qualified for the bronze level award. (Note: The hour counting is based on a 12-month period and age group.)
  2. Minimum bronze level volunteering hours are supported CCA activities, if qualified for the silver or higher level award
  3. If any adult family member satisfies (a) or (b) within the last 4 years
  4. If any adult family member is a CCA teacher at least two school years within the last 3 years