CCA 2023-2024 Registration

Registration Instructions for existing student(s):

  1. Currently the 2023-2024 full-year Chinese class registration is open.
  2. The registration form and payment must be completed online at: We accept payment through PayPal or credit card.
  3. Please use your email account and phone number previously registered in our system to reset password. If you do not have a phone number in the system, please use 9999999999.
  4. If you have any trouble to reset password, please send an email to [email protected]. Please DO NOT create a new account. Otherwise, it may cause significant delay in your registration and class assignment.
  5. Once logged in, please verify all information is correct. You must be the legal guardian of the student to register.
  6. All existing students have been pre-registered in language class. You will see an item or items in your shopping cart and that is ready for you to check out. Please verify the total amount carefully before making payments. If you do not find items in your shopping cart, or the payment amount is different from the table below, please contact us at [email protected].
  7. For talent class registration, please follow the instruction in talent class webpage (
  8. All new students must be at least 5 years old (born before 09/01/2018 for 2023~2024 school year). We reserve rights to check documents to verify student’s age!
  9. CCA offers Chinese AP preparation class this year, This class only provides Chinese AP preparation and will not provide test registration.

Registration for NEW student(s): If the student is not currently registered in CCA, please follow the NEW Student Registration instruction below to complete the registration. You need to create an account if you do not have an account with CCA.


  1.   2023-2024全年目前开放中文课注册。 
  2.   注册和付款必须在网上完成: 我们接受PayPal或信用卡付款。  
  3.   请使用您之前在CCA系统里注册的用户名和电话重置您的登录密码。如果您之前没有在系统里填写电话,请使用9999999999。  
  4.   如果您在登录或重置密码时遇到任何问题,请发送邮件到[email protected]。切勿创建新的账户,那样会严重影响您的注册和分班。    
  5.   请确认系统里面所有的信息正确。您必须是学生的合法监护人才可以为其注册。
  6.   现有中文学校学生中文课已经预注册,您会看见学生的名字出现在购物车内。如果您的购物车为空,或者应付款钱数与下面表格不符,请联系 [email protected]。 
  7. 才艺课程请到才艺课网页了解注册步骤(
  8. 注册2023-2024学年的新生必须是09/01/2018之前出生(不包括09/01/2018)。中文学校会根据需要检查证件来验证学生年龄。
  9. 今年新增AP课注册,中文学校只提供辅导, 不提供考试注册,需要家长自行解决。

新学生注册指南:如果您是新生(目前未在中文学校注册),请按照表格下面步骤完成注册。如有任何疑问请联系 [email protected]。如果您还未有CCA账号,请先创建账号。

Registration PhaseStart DateCutoff DateWithdrawal DeadlineDonationRegistration Fee (Non-Refundable)iChineseReader (Non-Refundable)Book and material (Non-Refundable and HSK not included)Earliest Starting Semester
2023-2024 Full-Year Early Registration4/1/20235/5/2023  9/12/2023$400$20$27$24 (CHL)

$40 (CSL)
Fall 2023
2023-2024 Full Year Extended Registration
5/6/20236/30/20239/12/2023$400$70$27$24 (CHL)

$40 (CSL)
Fall 2023
2023-2024 Full-Year Registration(Talent Class)4/1/20235/5/2023  9/12/2023$250$50NANAFall 2023
2023-2024 Full-Year Registration(Adult Learning &Activity)4/1/20236/30/20239/12/2023$140$60NANAFall 2023

NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION ONLY. 下面步骤仅限于新生注册。老生请按照前面步骤完成付款即可。

Step 1: Fill all required information for parents and student(s).


Step 3: Select the student for registration. Select school year – 2020-2021. Select semester – FULL YEAR. Select course type – Standard Chinese. Then Click “Register”

Step 4: Go cart and pay.

Step 5: Go to Member page. Click the link to follow the instruction to finish NEW STUDENT registration.