Company Donation Guide

Wells Fargo:

  1. Search Employee Service and Giving
  2. Record your volunteer hours ( 1 hour = $50, 16 hours = $150, 50 hours = $300 and 100
    hours = $500)
  3. Find Chinese Academy INC.
  4. Log your volunteer hours with CCA
  5. Redeem the donation.

Bank of America:

  1. On Essential links page, Find Submit volunteer hours
  2. Click ‘ I accept’ on next page
  3. Search ‘ Chinese Academy INC.’ with location info, then select CHINESE ACADEMY INC.
  4. Input Volunteer start date, volunteer end data and hours volunteered and all other
    information then click ‘save and proceed’ and submit.
  5. Then you will see the message if you volunteer hours exceed 50. ” Congratulations! you’ve
    recorded enough volunteer hours to earn a volunteer grant! Selection one of the
    organizations below to receive a $500 grant in recognition of your volunteer service.
    Teammates may earn and direct up to two $500 volunteer grants in a calendar year, for a
    total of $1000.”
  6. Select CCA and donate. THANK YOU!

Duke Energy Donation to Chinese School

  1. Go to Power of Giving ( Power of Giving (
  2. Scroll down to “How to Give”, you can choose one time donation or any other way. If you
    donate, the 100% matched fund will be automatically given. If you have donate by yourself, not
    through this website, you can click “Request a matching gift”, you need to upload the receipt for
  3. Click “One-time Donation”.
  4. Click “Explore Causes”
  5. Search our Chinese School by input “Chinese Academy”
  6. Our Chinese School is shown as “CHINESE ACADEMY INC”, should be in the first place.
  7. Click the name of our school “Chinese Academy Inc”.
  8. Click “Donate Now”
  9. Fill out the needed Items. The filling items here are for example for donating $100.
  10. Click “Next: Confirm Donation

For details about Duke Energy Donation please click Duke Energy